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Los Angeles AccountingLos Angeles accounting firms are definitely not all the same. Some focus almost exclusively on business tax accounting, only calling you a few times per year to work on your taxes. Others might handle your payroll or your bookkeeping, but remain uninvolved in major business decisions.

Los Angeles accounting firm Furness & Associates is a different kind of organization. Founded by Encino CPA Raymond Furness in 2001, Furness & Associates operates on the philosophy that your Los Angeles CPA should be involved with your business every step of the way. Like a good friend, Raymond Furness is ready to answer your financial questions whenever they arise – not just during tax season.

Doctors, Dentists, and Movie Stars

Furness & Associates has earned a place for itself as a Los Angeles accounting firm specializing in helping doctors, dentists, and both companies and individuals in the entertainment industry to maximize their profits. As one dentist stated, without the help of Mr. Furness and his team, it would have been impossible to achieve the exponential growth in his practice that he has experienced.

As for the entertainment industry, before founding his own Los Angeles accounting firm, Mr. Furness worked for Nigro, Karlin & Segal, one of the largest entertainment CPA firms in the country. While working with Nigro, Karin & Segal, Mr. Furness audited major production companies, including Sony, Warner Brothers, Paramount, and MGM. He has also helped A-list Hollywood actors to better understand the issues surrounding their residual incomes.

A Broad Range of Services

Furness & Associates helps all types of businesses and individuals with their financial needs. A sampling of what Furness & Associates offers includes:

•    Basic bookkeeping services, including payroll, budgeting, and tax preparation
•    Financial reporting, including audits, reviews, and compilations
•    Computer consultation, including help choosing and implementing the right accounting software package for your needs, as well as training and QuickBooks tech support
•    For a new business, guidance on business entity selection (LLC vs. incorporation, etc.)

If you are searching for a qualified accountant in Encino or an accountant in Los Angeles, look no further than Furness & Associates. Call us today to set up a free accounting consultation.
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